Our Process: Spirulina

Our industrial microalgae species production process is unique and very demanding in quality assurance. The process has been optimized by our highly qualified and specialized R&D department and accompanied by the most modern and sophisticated industrial and laboratory technologies.

1. Master Cell Bank

The strains are maintained at the most suitable conditions for cell division, and when they reach higher concentrations, they are ready to be transferred to a larger volume, with more space to keep growing.

2. Autotrophic Reactor

This phase initiates in a Glass autotrophic reactor, later moving to a Flat panel reactor, in this case also known as Green Walls.

3. Inoculum Raceways

Raceways are open ponds, perfect for microalgae that thrive in highly selective culture conditions, which is the case with Spirulina. They are powered by a paddlewheel, which keeps the culture flowing around the shallow, oval-shaped pathway.

4. Production Raceways

Production-scale raceways are similar to inoculation-scale raceways, but capable of much greater volumes.

5. Concentration

Spirulina is harvested by filtration, separating the biomass from most of the water and nutrients, which are returned to the pond, once again available for the remaining culture.

6. Cake / Concentrated Paste

After the concentration step, the biomass is pressed in order to guarantee a suitable moisture content for one of two paths: obtaining a finalized product in paste form, or preparing the biomass for the next step of drying into powder form.

7. Solar Dryer

Spirulina paste is molded into thin spaghetti-like threads, spread out in mesh trays. These are set to dry inside a solar dryer: a big room with controlled flow of sunlight-heated air. The final product is a fine Spirulina powder.

8. Organic Spirulina Paste

9. Packaging

The final product is packaged, labeled and stored.

Meet Our Products

Our products were designed to present microalgae solutions, with high quality standards to the most demanding markets, focusing on dietary supplements, food, feed and agro applications.