Our Microalgae As Food Ingredients & Supplements

Allmicroalgae is working in microalgae solutions directed to the food and nutraceutical industry, focused on the growing number of companies looking for sustainable plant-based ingredients. The improved organoleptic and nutritional profile is one of the main drivers within these sun growing microalgaes. Following the worldwide healthy, natural and sustainable food trend, we supply the perfect green nutritional and functional solution for the dietary supplementation industry and Food ingrediendent Industry. The potential is endless.

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Chlorella vulgaris

Freshwater algae with a marine-like taste. Presented as a chlorophyll-green fine and soft powder, not aggregated. Perfect for food formulations and health supplements.

Tetraselmis chui

Marine algae with a seafood flavor. Novel food that may be used as an ingredient or a supplement.


Spirulina has a mild taste and odor, making it ready to used as a powder or as paste. It can be consumed dried, as a fine powder or granular crunchy flakes, or as paste, preserving taste and nutrients, as a versatile ingredient or supplement.

#PartnershipsInAKitchen | Multimedia

Chlorella vulgaris Crackers
3D Printed Chlorella vulgaris Cookies
Chlorella vulgaris Bread
Chlorella Bars: Impact of microalgae in texture, viscosity and elasticity
#PartnershipsInAKitchen is a Food Lab Video Series that resulted from a dynamic partnership between Allmicroalgae and the Research group LEAF (Linking Landscape, Environment, Agriculture And Food), of Instituto Superior de Agronomia, to provide a scientific angle on simple do-it-yourself food recipes, using microalgae Chlorella vulgaris as a versatile and sustainable plant-based food ingredient.