Our Process: Microalgae

Our industrial microalgae species production process is unique and very demanding in quality assurance. The process has been optimized by our highly qualified and specialized R&D department and accompanied by the most modern and sophisticated industrial and laboratory technologies.

1. Master Cell Bank

The strains are maintained at the most suitable conditions for cell division, and when they reach higher concentrations, they are ready to be transferred to a larger volume, with more space to keep growing.

2. Fermentation

Fermentation starts in a Glass reactor and later moving to an Industrial scale reactor.

3. Autotrophic Reactor

This phase initiates in a Glass autotrophic reactor, later moving to a Flat panel reactor, in this case also known as Green Walls.

4. Industrial Tubular Reactor

In the Industrial Tubular Reactors, algae naturally grow outdoors in the sun. The strains are maintained at the most suitable conditions for cell division.

5. Concentration

The live algae culture is filtered to separate the solid biomass from the liquid phase.

6. Pasteurization

Process of heat treatment of biomass, applied to reduce the number of any existing pathogenic microorganisms.

7. Centrifuge

The concentrated biomass is centrifuged to separate even more liquid from the algae. The final product from this step is a fresh paste.

8. Spray Dryer

At this stage, the algae biomass is processed into a fine powder.

9/10. Microalgae Paste/Powder

11. Packaging

The final product is packaged, labeled and stored.

Meet Our Products

Our products were designed to present microalgae solutions, with high quality standards to the most demanding markets, focusing on dietary supplements, food, feed and agro applications.