Our Microalgae As Feed Ingredients

Allmicroalgae is working in microalgae solutions directed to the animal & aqua feed industry, offering sustainable plant-based ingredients that meet specific needs of animal nutrition in terms of nutritional composition and functional. Microalgae contain high quality and bioavailable essential nutrients, which are more and more requested by premix and feed producing companies, for different feed applications.

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Well-known algae within the aquaculture market with 35% of omega-3 (EPA). The product is dark green, in powder or paste, with 3% chlorophylls, with a size of grains <40µg.


Freshwater algae. Presented as a chlorophyll-green fine and soft powder, not aggregated, or as a frozen paste. High levels of complete protein, several minerals, vitamins and pigments.


Marine microalgae. The product is presented as a dark green powder or paste. Source of protein and essential omega-3 fatty acids (EPA).


This microalga has a rich nutritional profile with a high level of protein (55%), lipids, trace minerals, vitamins and high levels of pigments.


Spirulina is rich in protein with all essential aminoacids, while also rich in phycocyanin, iron, Vitamin B12, and omega-3 fatty acids. It has a mild taste and odor, making it ready to used as a powder or as paste.


This diatom, source of fucoxantin, is composed of high level of omega-3 (40% of EPA), omega-6 (17%) and omega-9 (6%) on the total lipid content (10-15% DW).