Cultivating Sustainable Microalgae Solutions

Allmicroalgae – Natural Products S.A. specializes on microalgae solutions for dietary supplements, food, feed and agricultural applications.

About Us

Allmicroalgae is on a mission to exploit the benefits of microalgae on a big scale – for food, nutraceutical, feed, agriculture, cosmetic and beyond. Today, Allmicroalgae owns a plant located in Leiria, Portugal, dedicated to microalgae production an innovation. The journey of discovering microalgae opportunities has only just begun!
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Microalgae are a biologically diverse group of microorganisms that can biosynthesize a plethora of bioactive compounds. They represent one of the most promising organisms and its capacity of growing in industrial cultivation makes them key players in the industries of food and animal feed, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, chemical, bioenergy, biofertilizers, and CO2 sequestration.
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Meet Our Products

Our products are designed to present microalgae solutions, with high quality standards to the most demanding markets, focusing on dietary supplements, food and beverage, feed and agro applications.


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June 12, 2022

PÚBLICO | Oceanos: Empresa de Alcobaça transforma toneladas de microalgas em alimentação e cosmética

12 de Junho de 2022 | Lusa Outras Notícias
May 18, 2022

Nádia Correia and Mafalda Trovão at Ciência 2022: A Poster Presentation of Their Work

Nádia Correia and Mafalda Trovão had a Poster of their work presented at Ciência 2022! Ciência 2022 is the annual meeting of science, technology and innovation in Portugal, taking place…
May 17, 2022

The “Industrial Production of Microalgae as Food of the Future”: A Presentation by Inês Guerra at Iran Algae 2022

Inês Guerra, Allmicroalgae Research Fellow and Ph.D. student, made a presentation on the "Industrial Production of Microalgae as Food of The Future", at the Iran Algae 2022 online event, which…