On February 4th, a Zoom webinar took place: “WP3: Appreciation of microalgae extracts and natural cosmetics” promoted within the scope of the ALGAVALOR project!
The event speakers: Isabel Martins de Almeida (FFUP/UCIBIO-i4HB) & Maria Emília Sousa (FFUP/CIIMAR), Helena Cardoso (Allmicroalgae), Melânia Maduro (Empresa Figueirense de Pesca), Mariana Melo & Aquiles Barros (Castelbel), Rosário Martins (CIIMAR), Gabriela de Matos (Univ. Aveiro), Mónica Garcia (Univ. Minho).
WP3, the 3rd Work Package within the P2020 ALGAVALOR project, is centered on transforming the microalgal biomass and extracts for applications in the natural and sustainable cosmetic sector.

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September 14, 2022

WP3 Profuture Meeting: A Pilot Demonstrator of CO2 Capture from Air at Allmicroalgae

On the 14th of September, Allmicroalgae received the meeting of its Profuture partners from WorkPackage 3, dedicated to the "Innovation in microalgae cultivation and harvesting", with coordination of Wageningen University.…
August 29, 2022

Hipersuper | Como incluir as algas na rotina dos portugueses? Conheça duas estratégias

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July 29, 2022

Allmicrolgae participates at BIOFACH 2022, in Nürnberg

Allmicrolgae took part at BIOFACH, the world´s leading trade fair for organic food, in Germany, from 26 - 29 July 2022, together with its GreenTech partners. The fair was opportunity…