Leiria (Portugal), March 2021: Allmicroalgae announces its participation in Rethink Agri Food Innovation (RAFI) week. The leading European producer of sustainable microalgae ingredients will inform attendees about its solutions for the food, agriculture, aquaculture and livestock sectors. The virtual event is the ideal interdisciplinary platform for the company to demonstrate how algae can make a positive difference in overcoming the challenges of modern food supply chains and their effects on the environment.
With the agriculture, feed and food sectors being Allmicroalgae’s key business areas, the Portuguese company will showcase its ingredients and share its expertise during all three RAFI summits.
Animal AgTech Innovation Summit (08 March 2021)
Allmicroalgae will present the Allvitae brand of sustainable, 100% microalgae-based feed solutions for piglets, ruminants, laying hens and aquaculture. The products are characterized by their outstanding nutritional profile of valuable macro and micro nutrients, which deliver strong antioxidant and detoxifying effects. Allvitae supports the immune system, better skin and coat condition, as well as healthy growth in young and improved vital functions in mature animals. Thanks to its partnership with GREENTECH Group, Allmicroalgae has also added probiotics and prebiotics to its feed and aquaculture portfolios for their effectiveness against intestinal disorders in young ruminants, piglets, shrimps and fishes.
Being committed to ongoing research, the company is currently conducting trials within the livestock industry to evaluate the nutritional, metabolic and functional value of existing or new premixes and the advantages of innovative microalgae solutions. It is also investigating the potential to deliver environmental benefits, such as reducing methane emissions by feeding ruminants with microalgae-enriched premixes.
World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit (09 – 10 March 2021)
Functionality and sustainability are also at the heart of Allmicroalgae’s ALLFERTIS range of organic biofertilizers and biostimulants. Made from a 100% natural mixture of organic microalgae, ALLFERTIS products offer high levels of minerals, phyto-hormones and vitamins for the agriculture sector. Their unique properties promote healthy growth and improved taste in plants and crops. The company is also conducting trials to develop new microalgae-based products that can add value to organic farming.
Future Food-Tech (11 – 12 March 2021)
Allmicroalgae will use the final event of the summit to present two brand new ingredients for the food sector: White and Yellow Chlorella vulgaris.
These highly nutritious powders for functional enrichment of foods are based on the algae strain Chlorella vulgaris. Their USPs lie in their appearance and flavour – compared to conventional intensely green-coloured Chlorella products, they are optically more neutral and have a more discrete taste profile – while offering the same unique nutritional profile. This vastly expands the potential uses in food applications as a a valuable supplier of protein and fiber, all essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals – while being low in fat. Furthermore, the Yellow Chlorella vulgaris variant is rich in Omega-6 and Omega-9 fatty acids. Both new products can also be used as texturizing and thickening agents, and the yellow variant can be used as a natural colouring food.
The Allmicroalgae food ingredients portfolio also includes:
  • GMO-free, EU-certified organic Chlorella vulgaris, produced in Portugal in closed photobioreactors, free from pesticides, perchlorates and Bacillus cereus bacteria
  • Smooth Chlorella vulgaris – renowned for its light green colour and subtle taste
  • Tetraselmis chuii, a natural and healthy source of salt, with inherent microalgae goodness.
Rita Mateus, Business Developer at Allmicroalgae, comments: “We are delighted to be taking part in this important event, where the world’s experts in food production will come together to share innovation, ideas and solutions on a globally accessible platform. There is an urgent need for future-proof solutions to feed our ever-expanding population, with minimal impact on our vulnerable planet. Besides sustainability and environmental issues, improved nutrition is also high on the agenda. We are committed to working with all members of the supply chain to tackle and overcome these challenges.”

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