ALGAVALOR is a P2020 project with the general aim of microalgae biomass prospection and its application in different market areas. This project explores the development and release of several products in food, feed, cosmetic and biofertilizer markets. The partners are working closely to increase the sustainability and efficiency of the microalgae production process, obtaining better yields, not only in biomass, but also in its composition on added-value compounds. The group is coordinated by Allmicroalgae Natural Products and it is composed of 10 industries and 11 research and development entities, who assure, for each sub-topic, the existence of a complete consortium.
The project has as starting point the products already being commercialized by the leading partner (microalgae fresh paste, powder or extracts). On those, R&D tasks which aim the development of new products with increased added-value compounds and bioactivities. Besides, the project involves key end-users for the studied markets. New microalgae production processes are also being studied, including low-cost open bioreactors and organic cultivation strategies.
Until the moment, the partners have been evaluating the nutritional and functional profile of each one of the studied microalgae and are, now, in the phase of product formulation. The consortium believes that very soon, new innovative microalgae products resultant from all the ongoing investigations will be released into the market.

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Joana Laranjeira Silva and Pedro Quelhas presenting at the 17th edition of the International Conference on Renewable Resources & Biorefineries (RRB 2021), in Aveiro

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