Microalgae contain essential nutrients with a high quality and bioavailability, which are more and more requested by premix and feed producing Companies, for different feed applications.

Allmicroalgae is working close to feed specialists to meet the animal nutrition’s specific demands – not only in terms of nutritional composition but also regarding the functional benefits.

Due to the high productivity, microalgae represent a sustainable, plant based raw material to meet several nutritional requirements, delivering high quality, natural micronutrients.


Besides the high level of complete protein, of the several minerals, vitamins and pigments, microalgae contain some of the most important fatty acids for animal nutrition applications, either in aquaculture, in farm production animals or in pet foods – the Omega 3 and Omega 6.

Together with other natural compounds, these essential fatty acids play an important role in several metabolic pathways.

Based on its fermentation and sunlight growth technologies, Allmicroalgae is able to deliver microalgae which contain a high value in EPA and DHA, among other fatty acids.

The remarkable diversity and content of pigments which microalgae are accumulating, turns these microscopic organisms in powerful colorants, either as biomass or as extracts.

The biggest advantage lies on the fact that these pigments are naturally synthetized by microalgae, being therefore naturally bioavailable to living organisms.